The herd of elephants moves near mango orchards

Panic hit a dozen villages in Bangarupalem and Tavanampalle on Tuesday after a herd of 14 from the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary moved near the mango orchards in the hamlet of Thodathara, 30 km away.

According to information, the herd is camping on a hill surrounded by mango orchards. Although forest officials from Palamaner and Chittoor West have made efforts to drive the herd back into the reserve, it has been unsuccessful since Tuesday morning.

It is believed that the herd is attracted by the standing mango harvest in the region. After the forest watchers were used to track the herd’s movement and prevent them from raiding the orchards, the officials asked the farmers to give up the night watch.

According to preliminary information, the herd is heading towards the Somala hills. During the past year, the area between Bangarupalem and Somala has been frequented by the Jumbos after they left the Koundinya Sanctuary. After a break of six months, the herd is said to have returned to the corridor.

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