Awareness campaign for COVID protocols launched

Forest edge villages in Bangarupalem Mandal reported more than 1,000 cases in one month

COVID-19 Task Force officials launched an awareness campaign in forest edge villages in Bangarupalem Mandal on Tuesday about the protocols to be followed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The Rural Organization for Poverty Reduction Services (ROPES), with the support of a Canadian NGO Children Believe, would monitor the campaign in the Mandal, which reported over a thousand COVID cases and 25 victims during the second wave of the pandemic.

A large number of families from the villages work as migrant workers in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Because of the lockdown there, several families had to return home.

But instead of being tested for COVID-19 after the onset of symptoms, some of them are said to have dodged the protocols that have resulted in an alarming spread of cases and victims over the past 1 months.

Bangarupalem police said two vehicles equipped with the public address system were distributing leaflets to raise awareness among people in the villages. The campaign would focus on the COVID-19 guidelines, e.g. B. wearing face masks, washing hands and maintaining physical distance.

“Several people in the countryside continue to ignore the guidelines and are exposed to the infection. The campaign will urge symptomatic individuals to contact the task force field workers immediately to conduct tests, ”said one police officer. The focus would also be on allaying residents’ concerns about vaccination.

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