MPDO dies of COVID complications in East Godavari

Gollamandala Varaprasad, development officer for the Sakhinetipalli Mandal (MPDO) mandal community, died Tuesday while receiving treatment for a coronavirus infection in Rajamahendravaram, East Godavari district.

NVVSatyanarayana, Zilla Parishad’s chief executive officer, said Varaprasad recently caught the infection.

The district officials expressed their condolences to the MPDO’s death and comforted the bereaved.

Meanwhile, East Godavari Police Superintendent Adnan Nayeem Asmi claimed on Tuesday that 86% of police personnel in the district had received COVID vaccine twice.

Of the 4,157 employees, 85% received the second dose with the special vaccination campaign in Kakinada by Tuesday.

To date, 1,408 police officers, including 313 in the second wave, have been infected with COVID-19. Twelve police officers, including one in the second wave, died from the virus. Over 200 employees did not even take the first dose for a variety of reasons including health complications and pregnancy.

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