Belgians found dead in hotel room in Visakhapatnam

A foreigner from Belgium was found dead in his hotel room here on Sunday.

The deceased was identified as Verneulen Geert, 58, who has lived in the hotel near NAD Kotha Road since February 24.

According to police, he was here to work on installing machines at a plywood factory in Atchutapuram.

He had been sick for some time and was also being treated in a company hospital. He had been locked in his room since April 20th.

On Sunday his wife called from Belgium and since he did not answer, she informed the hotel authorities. The hotel management opened the room and found that he was lying unconscious and called the ambulance. The 108 employees confirmed that he was dead.

The police were informed and the body was sent for an autopsy. According to the first reports, he was COVID-19 positive and could have died from the consequences of the pandemic, the police said.

According to the guidelines of the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), the body was kept in the morgue and the final rites are only performed here. Company officials and family members have been informed. The investigation is ongoing.

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