“Social workers are key figures in change”

The draft NCSWE law promises rapid and sustainable development, says Delhi University professor

Sanjai Bhatt of the Delhi School of Social Work at the University of Delhi and national convener of the Campaign for National Council of Social Work Education (NCSWE) said on Sunday that the NCSWE law would be the way forward for five lakh professionals, as it would usher in the introduction of rapid and sustainable development.

He highlighted the NCSWE’s draft at a national-level webinar on the topic of “Freedom for the profession of social worker with the National Council of Social Work Education”, which was organized by the Institute for Sociology and Social Work at Acharya Nagarjuna University (ANU), Guntur Law. 2021.

Prof. Bhatt appealed to the social workers to strengthen the campaign with an effective and collective approach. He paid tribute to the states that launched the campaign and represented it to policymakers and public representatives on the bill.

“Social workers are needed to develop human relationships; they are the key drivers of change, to make progress in terms of general health, education, economic conditions and social empowerment,” he said, adding that the course involved in-house and fieldwork practices.

He said the bill aims to bring about progressive changes in social work training and effective practices. He pointed out that South India had 50% of the country’s social services and said the campaign should be seen as a flagship and high-level support.

ANU Vice Chancellor P. Rajasekhar stressed the need for social work professions in the state administrative services in order to achieve comprehensive development in areas such as health, education, nutrition, poverty and social justice, especially in rural and tribal areas.

Webinar Chair and Head of Department of Sociology and Social Work, ANU, Saraswati Raju Iyer, said that the bill, when implemented as law, will build more capacity and outcomes in the area of ​​social work training and practice, and create broad opportunities for research would open up and projects.

ANU Rector P. Varaprasada Murthy said that social work training is an integral part of internal and field work.

More than 350 academics, research scientists, students, development professionals and intellectuals from various universities, corporate institutions and non-governmental organizations across the country attended.

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