The risk of flooding remains because of the water level in Godavari. continues to rise

Officials are conducting grama sabhas and appealing to people to move to safer places

Indigenous peoples in the Agency area are in constant fear because of the increase in flooding in Godavari.

The high water level at the top of Polavaram, which was 25 feet on Friday, exceeded 26 feet on Saturday.

Since the backwaters of the Kothuru Dam overflowed a few days ago, the officials increased the height of the dam. The water level at the dam is now around 20 feet, local residents said.

Closure of the cofferdam

“The water level in Godavari near Bhadrachalam is now very low. Although there is no flooding of the river, the water level is rising due to backwater from the closure of the cofferdam this year. The flood rage will be very violent if the water level continues to rise, ”officials said.

“Flooding usually occurs in Godavari between July 15th and September 15th. This year, as the backwaters are stagnating due to the closure of the cofferdam, around 20 hamlets have been flooded. If there is a flood during the main monsoon, the situation becomes so serious and many hamlets are flooded, ”said Madakam Somu, a villager.

KR Puram ITDA officials said Kothru, Mamidigondi, Tellavaram, Gajulagondi, Pedduru, Madhapuram, Kondrukota, Vadapalli, Pidakula Mamidi, Sarugudu, Yerravaram, Tekuru, Thutigunta, Cheeduru, Sivagiri, and Tella Dibbal would flood other areas.

The Pragadapalli Vaagu, Yedla Vaagu, Gujjavaram Vaagu and many other streams would overflow into the streets and impair communication to more than 20 hamlets, the tax officials fear.

Officials conducted grama-sabhas in the tribal villages in Polavaram, Velerupadu, Kukunoor, Buttaigudem and other mandalas and warned residents of the severity of the flooding. They appealed to the tribesmen to move to safer places.

Some families moved to the hilly areas on Saturday and built huts there.

ITDA Project Officer YV Prasanna Lakshmi said Medicine and Health, Finance, Police, Irrigation, Fisheries, AP-Transco, Girijan Cooperative Corporation, APSRTC and other departments have been kept on alert.

Irrigation Department officials released water through the radial gates of the Polavaram project, she said.

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