South Coastal Andhra has had no deaths for a long time

After a break of several days, South Coastal Andhra Pradesh recorded zero deaths within 24 hours. The region had seen unabated losses every day since the beginning of the second wave.

The number of active cases fell to just over 8,500 as new infections continued to decline while recoveries improved in the last 24 hours through 9 a.m. Saturday. The death toll remained at 903 in Prakasam District and 901 in SPSR Nellore District.

The cumulative number rose slightly to over 2.46 lakh as the SPSR Nellore District registered 196 new cases and 289 prakasam. During the reporting period, 386 patients in Prakasam district and 187 patients in SPSR Nellore district recovered.

Meanwhile, Prakasam Police Superintendent Siddharth Kaushal walked around Ongole to strictly enforce Saturday’s partial curfew as any public self-satisfaction will lead to a surge in new cases. He noted that there have been some incidents of breaches by shopkeepers and the general public.

He admonished the public to wear masks, use disinfectants, and observe social distancing when moving out during the relaxation phase of the curfew. District police had so far recorded nearly 50,000 cases of curfew violations and fined over 6.19 lakh.

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