Flamingo Festival in virtual mode

The well-known poet Kutikuppala Surya Rao exhorted everyone to emulate the flamingos who travel thousands of kilometers and come to Nellores to nest.

At the opening of the 7th edition of the Multilingual Flamingo Festival in a virtual mode organized by Navasahiti International in coordination with Pen India on late Saturday, Dr. Surya Rao, Honorary President of Navasahiti International, Andhra Pradesh Chapter, said that people are closely related to flamingos who live in colonies.

“Flamingos are a symbol of migration. Migration is the beginning of civilization and a module of urbanization, ”said Dr. Surya Rao, researcher in the field of HIV medicine.

The president of the Perugu Ramakrishna Poetry Festival said well-known poets from all over the country and from abroad, including the Spanish poetess from Uraguay Maria Fernanda Vila MigLiaro, Dr. SVSurya Prakash Rao, Founding President of Navasahiti International (Chennai), Dr. Rajavanti man from Chandigarh, Dr. Biplab Maji from Midnapore took part in the poetry meet.

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