Officials sound the alarm and move affected people when the high water level rises in Godavarivari


Overflowing streams and stagnation of water due to closure of the coffer dam are the trigger

With the rising tide in Godavari, officials sounded the alarm on Friday and relocated many tribal families living in the mandalas of Polavaram and Velerupadu to safer locations.

The rise in floods was attributed to overflowing streams as a result of rainfall in the catchment areas and water stagnation caused by the dam’s closure.

The irrigation authorities drained water through 10 radial gates downstream.

Even as finance and police officers moved the affected families to safer locations, some families moved to the nearby hilly areas to protect themselves from the flooding.

“The water level will rise with the complete closure of the cofferdam,” they said.

River walls were reinforced by placing sandbags to prevent them from breaking through.

District collector Kartikeya Misra and Police Superintendent K. Narayan Naik were monitoring the situation.

“No risk of flooding”

“We monitor the forecast with the India Meteorological Department (IMD) and the water level in the river with the Central Water Commission (CWC). From now on there is no risk of flooding, ”said Kartikeya Misrara The Hindu.

KR Puram ITDA Project Officer YV Prasanna Lakshmi and Polavaram Deputy Superintendent of Police K. Latha Kumari visited some of the affected areas.

“Since the water in the river is stagnating, we warned the villagers. The village finance officers, ITDA officials and police are camping in the villages and monitoring the situation on the ground floor, ”said Ms. Latha Kumari.

It is feared that communications with 19 villages will be affected if the water level continues to rise and overflow from the Kothuru Dam. The overflowing Yedla Vaagu is a cause for concern for the indigenous people of Yedlapalli.

Ration stocks

“Girijan Cooperative Corporation (GCC) officials keep enough food supplies in the depots for three months. Officials distributed PDS rice, sugar, oil, dal, vegetables and other essentials to the affected families, ”said Prasanna Lakshmi.

Irrigation authorities released 19,000 cusecs into the canals downstream for agricultural use, the ITDA project leader said.


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