Bengali twins grab ₹ 50 lakh jobs with Google unit

Doing things together seems to be a matter of course for Saptarshi and Rajarshi Mazumder – twins from West Bengal at SRM University-AP – who both do jobs at Japan’s PVP Inc package, respectively.

While it was a coincidence that the brothers – children of Biswajit Mazumder and Purabi Mazumder – were accepted into the same company on the same campus driveway, they say with one voice, “It is natural that we were chosen by the same company. It wasn’t a surprise for us. “

The brothers said they always stayed together and studied together. They have the same interests, ambitions and “our brain works the same way”. The brothers who grew up in Jharkhandm said they always have the same grade and it is only natural that they should be transferred to the same company.

SRM University-AP, where the duo graduated with degrees in computer science and engineering, says it will be the first private university in India to get a spot on a maiden voyage with a wage package of ₹ 50 lakh.

“When we prepare for something, he will know if I have difficulties and he will help me. I do the same for him, and if we don’t understand something, we prepare together, ”says Rajarshi. In addition to their studies, the 22-year-old brothers are both football fans. Mr Rajarshi says 50% of his life is football and he loves Manchester United while Mr Saptarshi is a fan of Barcelona.

The duo will be working at Google’s workplace in Japan from September.

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