JC oversees the process of selecting the mutt pontiff

Andhra Pradesh Dharmika Parishad, an autonomous body of the Foundation Department, has appointed the Joint Commissioner for Foundations, Chandrasekhar Azad, to oversee the process of selecting the pontiff of the Brahmamgari mutt in the Kadapa district.

Foundation Minister Velampalli Srinivas Rao said Thursday the community had been asked to take the necessary steps and resolve the problem at the earliest. The pastor was also asked to convene a meeting with seers and popes to look into the matter and suggest a way out, he said.

The special representative of the foundation department and member secretary of the parish P. Arjun Rao gave orders in this regard.

After the death of former pontiff Sri Veerabhoga Vasanta Venkateswara Swamy last month, a dispute arose over his successor. It was said that the former Pope had chosen his successor and made a will. But trouble broke out when his first and second wife’s families wanted someone from their respective lineages to be named the Köter’s next successor. Some Hindu spiritual leaders tried to resolve the impasse amicably, but to no avail, as both families refused to give in and held on to their respective demands.

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