Patrols intensified on the Krishna riverside

Guntur Urban District Police and Vijayawada Police Department staff investigating the alleged sexual assault reported at Sea Anagaram Pushkar Ghat on the banks of the Krishna River suspect other people to be involved in the crime.

The police arrested two people and are interrogating them. “The deserted place at Pushkar Ghat is frequented by ganja vendors, blade batch offenders and rowdy sheeters. We suspect that more than two people may have attacked the victim, ”said one police officer.

A gang allegedly attacked the couple on Saturday evening and threatened them with blades and penknives. They are said to have beaten the boy and sexually abused the girl.

“Rowdy sheets, ganja and blade batch gangs move on the tracks between Vijayawada station and the KC canal junction. They attack passengers when trains slow down and rob them of valuables. Later they drink liquor and ganja at sea tanagaram on the banks of the Krishna River, ”said one villager.

Police said the defendant had previously resorted to crimes such as chain robbery, assault and theft.

Warning signs put up

In the meantime, the municipality of Tadepalli and the police from Guntur Urban have put up signs warning people not to move in deserted areas on the riverbank. They appealed to the women to install the Disha app on their cell phones and to alert the police in an emergency. The police have also ordered floodlights on the riverbank and stepped up patrols.

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