Copper plates discovered in Srisailam deciphered

The 18 copper plates recently discovered in Srisailam during the renovation of Ganta Matham, one of the Panchamathas, were deciphered by Fr. Chenna Reddy, Dean of the Faculty of History, Culture and Archeology at Telugu University.

The copper tablets written in Sanskrit and Telugu reportedly tell of the gift of the village of Vemavaram after it was renamed “the god Mallikarjunadeva of Sriparvata from the king” in Allada Reddi Vemavaram, published by Virabhadra Reddi of the Reddis of Rajamahendravaram. The copper plate was issued by King Virabhadra Reddi, son of Allada Reddi, Chenna Reddy said.

It is supposedly dated Śaka 1358 (vasu-bāna-viśva) Anala, Vaiśākha, śu.15, which corresponds to 1436 AD, April 30, Monday.

It documents the gift of the village for the services of his father Allada Reddi on the occasion of the lunar eclipse. The record was composed by Kommanamatya and engraved by Pinanumka, son of Goragapumdi Numka.

The recording ends with the signature of Sri Markamdesvara Vemareddi, Chenna Reddy said, adding that Muniratnam Reddy, director of epigraphy, Archaeological Survey of India, Mysore, also worked with him in deciphering the script.

They congratulated Srisailam Temple EO Karanam S. Rama Rao on his interest in protecting these valuable finds.

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