ASHA employees are looking for better deals


On Wednesday, a dharna was organized by ASHA staff on the banner of the AP ASHA Workers Union, which is affiliated with the CITU, at the Gandhi statue near the GVMC.

The union’s honorary president, P. Mani, claimed that the state government was neglecting the welfare of ASHA workers who had rendered invaluable services. The federal and state governments paid them a meager 10,000 yen a month as a fee. They didn’t even get the benefits of various social systems.

Although the ‘Cheyutha’ program was extended last year, they were denied it this year. The “Jaganna Inti Sthalam” (house construction site), the home loan and “Amma Vodi” (in rural areas) were not granted to them. Their workload has also increased enormously, as each ASHA worker was held responsible for 2,500 residents in rural areas and 5,000 residents in cities. In the past, every ASHA worker dealt with 1,000 residents. The government has stated that those who earn more than 12,000 yen a month in urban areas are considered “ineligible” for welfare programs, but ASHA employees have been denied benefits even though they only earned 10,000 yen a month. The majority of ASHA employees were women from SC, ST, BC and from poor families. Their services were terminated at the age of 60 without any retirement benefits such as PK, ESI and pension.

The union leaders said they had filed several applications with the government in the past for a study of the financial situation of Anganwadi workers, to recognize them as “workers” and give them 21,000 yen as a minimum wage or various state welfare programs for them You.

Union leaders Padmavathi, Parvathi, Polamma, Nagalakshmi and Jyothi led the protest.


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