Two held in Krishna bench for sexually assaulting girls


Police, who arrested several suspects in the sexual assault case, reportedly targeted two youths allegedly assaulting the girl on the banks of the Krishna River in Sea Tanagaram village a few days ago.

The defendant allegedly sexually abused the victim who came to Pushkar Ghat with her boyfriend around 9 p.m. on Saturday.

When her boyfriend tried to save the girl, the defendant allegedly beat him, handcuffed him and committed the crime. They reportedly stole cell phones and other valuables from the couple.

Guntur Urban District and Vijayawada Police Commissionerate police arrested several rowdy sheeters, suspects and KD sheets, ganja and blade batch criminals.

Using the cellular network of cell phones operated in the town, police found that two youths who were walking along the riverbank on Saturday night allegedly resorted to the crime. The police searched the homes of the two youths.

“Due to the darkness, the view of the sand dunes on the river bank was not clear at the time of the incident. However, we try to play the voices of the two youths for the victim and her boyfriend to confirm their identity, ”said an investigator. The police attempt to steal the couple’s cell phones from them.


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