Relatives of ESI-insured COVID-19 victims for help


ESI Corporation has approved the ESIC COVID-19 Relief Scheme to provide assistance to the families of ESI policyholders who have died from COVID-19. The system offers a relief of 90% of the average daily wage of the insured person, divided among all survivors of the insured person, in the event of their death due to COVID-19.

The relief is paid monthly directly to the bank accounts of the surviving dependents.

The regulation applies for a period of two years from March 24, 2020. The insured person should have at least 70 contribution days for a period of no more than one year immediately before the diagnosis of COVID-19 disease resulting in death so that the surviving dependents are entitled to relief . The insured person who died of COVID-19 must have been registered on the ESIC online portal at least three months prior to the date of the COVID-19 diagnosis, which, according to Jose Martin, led to their death. Deputy Director, ESI Corporation, Subregional Office, Visakhapatnam.

The application submitted in the prescribed application forms (available from the nearest ESIC branch) together with the COVID-19 positive report (original / certified copy) and the death certificate (original) should be submitted to the nearest branch. Age and identity of the relatives are to be proven by Aadhaar or birth certificate of the competent authority.


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