Free IAS coaching for deserving students

The city’s Sarat Chandra IAS Academy will offer deserving students free intermediate level with IAS coaching (five-year integrated course) and a degree in IAS coaching (three-year integrated course), said Coaching Institute’s executive director T. Sarat Chandra on Tuesday here.

Speaking at a press conference, Mr Sarat Chandra said that the beneficiaries of this free coaching would be selected on the basis of an online entrance exam held on June 27th (Sunday). Students who would pass Class X this year can apply for the Intermediate with IAS course, while those who pass Intermediate or Class XII can apply for the Degree with IAS course.

Interested students can apply through the Academy’s website until June 26th. “The curriculum for the exam is Grades VII through X Social Studies and current affairs from the past two months, based primarily on the news posted in. were published The Hindu“Said Mr. Sarat Chandra.

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