Guaranteeing women’s protection: Jagan


Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said he was angry about the incident in which a woman was allegedly molested in front of her fiancé on the banks of the Krishna River in Seetanagaram in Tadepalli.

“The unfortunate incident that happened overnight in Prakasam Barrage made me angry and such incidents should not have happened. The government and the police should do everything possible to prevent such incidents from happening again. I firmly believe that true freedom can only be achieved when women can run free in the middle of the night without fear. As your protector, I will work hard to prevent such incidents in the future, ”said the Prime Minister.

Mr Jagan had directed the DGP to form special teams to catch the defendants and promised to take tough measures against them.

The Minister of Homeland and Civil Protection, Mekathoti Sucharita, presented the victim’s mother with a check for 5 lakh.

The minister, along with collector Vivek Yadav and other officials, met the victim’s family at the government general hospital.


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