Report Says Anandaiah’s Eye Drops Are Harmful: govt. after HC

The government on Monday informed a division of the Supreme Court, consisting of Presiding Judge Arup Kumar Goswami and Judge N. Jayasurya, that B. Anandaiah’s eye drops, which are touted as an effective remedy for dangerously low oxygen levels in COVID-19 patients, some pollutants according to the laboratory report.

The government’s plea told the court that the eye drops had been tested by five laboratories and one of them indicated damage to the eyes and that further analysis may be needed to consider approval for their use by the public.

The court requested the reports and made the matter public for the next hearing on July 1.

The court previously nodded in favor of distributing Mr Anandaiah’s P, L, F, and K formulations, but looked for evidence to support the eye drops’ claims of safety and effectiveness.

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