IIIT Sri City introduces M.Tech in AI and cybersecurity

In a significant step, the Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT Sri City) has launched the highly anticipated M.Tech programs in the fields of artificial intelligence & machine learning and cybersecurity.

The courses are given prominence as part of a special AI plan proposed by Niti Ayog in response to the broad discussion initiated by the Union government on the role of AI in India. “The two-year M.Tech aims to fill the gaps in demand and meet the urgent needs of the industry, in addition to producing high-end AI scientists and engineers for society,” explains IIIT-S director G. Kannabiran.

Similarly, M.Tech Cyber ​​Security is another potential job-getter course that finance companies like banks and insurance companies spend about 10% of their annual IT budget on. The selected students would also spend two semesters on projects in industrial and research organizations, added Mr Kannabiran.

GATE-qualified candidates can apply on the CCMT 2021 portal at http://www.ccmt.nic.in. Non-GATE candidates must go through a process that includes a written test, a coding test, and an interview. Details at www.iiits.ac.in or [email protected]

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