Coronavirus | More than a million people get into Andhra Pradesh. at least one dose of vaccine

The state reached a new vaccination milestone against COVID-19 on Sunday as the number of people who were given at least one dose of vaccine surpassed 1 crore.

At the same time, according to the national CoWin portal, with over nine lakh doses administered by 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, the state has broken its record of vaccinating over 6.20 lakh people in a day.

So far, 1.33 crore doses have been given, of which received at least one dose, while 02.27.159 were fully vaccinated. It is nearly 20% of the state’s 5.34 crore population.

Up to 79,89,041 people received only one dose and are expected to receive the second dose.

Women lead the way in vaccinations

Of the 1.06 crore people who received at least one vaccine dose, 53.37% were women and 46.61% were men and 1,695 belonged to the other categories, as mentioned in the portal.

Of the 1.33 crore administered doses, 1.11 were Covishield and 22.54 lakh Covaxin and only 5,555 Sputnik.

In the 45-60 age group, 52.63 lakhs received at least one dose and in the 60+ age group it was 30.87 lakhs. In the 18-44 age group, 23.37 lakhs received at least one dose.

Mega vaccination campaign

The state government started the mega-vaccination campaign on Sunday to vaccinate at least 10 lakh people with a special focus on mothers of children under five as well as all over 45-year-olds and people who are obliged to travel abroad.

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