2 allegedly over land dispute in Anantapur. killed


Two people are said to have been killed on Saturday in a land dispute in Atchutapuram in the district.

According to police, 40-year-old Narayanappa and his 45-year-old Rajagopal were returning to their village of Aravedu from the Yellanur Police Station when a car overturned their vehicle. After falling out of the vehicle, four to five occupants of the car reportedly killed them with boulders.

Deputy Superintendent of Police VNK Chaitanya denied the political vengeance in the incident and said there was an ongoing feud between two parties over the rights to a piece of common village land (Devudu Manyam). Eight days ago the defendant sank a well in what the two deceased claimed was their own land and the other party had drilled a well without their permission. Narayanappa and Rajagopal reportedly shut down the borehole because they claimed it was on their land. A complaint was made to the Yellanur Police Department. “We wrote to the Tahsildar to determine the real status of the country in question,” said the officer.


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