Yanamala objects to the state’s demands for job creation


The government is only cheating on people by portraying APSRTC’s merger with the government as job creation, the TDP claims.

In a statement on Friday, Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, a member of the TDP politburo, said the government had issued a full-page ad claiming 3/6,756 jobs would be created in two years.

However, in “Pragati Pustakam” published on May 30, the government stated that 4,77,953 jobs were filled, Ramakrishnudu said, adding that the government had increased the number in just 15 days.

“Numbers Game”

“It clearly shows that the government is using number jugglers. If the government is sincere, have them post details such as vacancies and phone numbers on the website, ”he said.

“How can the government show that the APSRTC’s 50,000+ employees are working with new jobs? How can it also claim the 95,212 positions that were filled via APCOS during the TDP runtime as new positions? Isn’t it deceiving the people? ”He asked.

More than a billion people from the unorganized sector have become unemployed in the past two years, said the TDP boss.

Unemployment rate

“At 13.5%, the unemployment rate is above the national average of 11.9%. In Andhra Pradesh it was only 3.6% in 2018/19. States like Telangana, Karnataka, Odisha and Maharashtra have below national unemployment rates, “he said.


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