Locals appear in large numbers on the 550th day of the protests in Amaravati

On the 550th day of the protests in the Amaravati region, large numbers of local residents, including women, gathered in the Mandadam, Uddandarayunivaripalem and Thullur areas and various villages to express their demand for a single capital for Amaravati.

The protests have exceeded 500 days and will continue amid the raging pandemic.

The men and women reached the camps set up about two years ago for the first time since the pandemic broke out last year. In Nekkali they formed a human chain and in Thullur the demonstrators recited the Gita in a new form of protest. The Joint Action Committee had given a march to the Prime Minister’s camp office.

A large number of police officers were now on duty in the camps and checkpoints were set up. The police stopped the locals in Uddandarayunivaripalem and the protesters in Mandadam. Police were also deployed on all routes and all attempts by the Joint Action Committee to march to the CM camp office were foiled.

Villagers later left a rally but were stopped by police, who said the rallies were not allowed as COVID restrictions were in place.

In Guntur, large numbers of JAC leaders, including Rayapati Sailaja and Ravipati Sai Krishna, have been placed under house arrest by police who issued them notices of COVID restrictions.

Police Commissioner Guntur Urban, K. Arif Hafeez, said police had ensured the protests were peaceful and added that no arrests were made.

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