Coronavirus | AP reports the lowest death toll in 2 months

The state reported 45 deaths from COVID and 5,674 new infections in the 24 hours ended Saturday morning. The daily death toll was lowest for the past two months, with the cumulative number reaching 12,269.

The cumulative number of infections rose to 18,44,917, while the number of recoveries also rose to 17,67,404, including the 8,014 recoveries made the previous day. The recovery rate remains at 95.80%. The number of active cases fell to 65,244, and the East Godavari district alone has a fifth (21.67%) of the total active cases. Anantapur has the lowest number of active cases at 1,357.

The daily positivity rate of 1,03,935 samples tested on the last day was 5.46%, while the overall positivity rate of 2.10 crore samples was 8.76%.

The last 10 lakh samples were tested in the last 10 days and their positivity rate was 6.44%, a significant decrease of 10.91%, the positivity rate of the previous ten lakh tests (1 crore – 1.10 crore).

Chittoor reported nine new deaths while East Godavari, Krishna and Guntur reported five new deaths each. West Godavari, Srikakulam, Visakhapatnam and Anantapur reported three new deaths and Prakasam, Kadapa, Vizianagaram and Kurnool reported two deaths each. Nellore reported a new death.

East Godavari reported 1,068 new infections and was the only district with more than a thousand infections last day. This was followed by Chittoor (854), West Godavari (758), Prakasam (451), Krishna (435), Kadapa (388), Guntur (360), Anantapur (326), Srikakulam (245), Nellore (235), Visakhapatnam ( 215), Kurnool (173) and Vizianagaram (166).

The district numbers are as follows: East Godavari (2.54.253), Chittoor (2.13.298), Guntur (1.59.353), West Godavari (1.55.915), Anantapur (1.51.647), Visakhapatnam (1.46.679), Nellore (1.24.946), Kurnool (1.20.692), Prakasam (1.17.732), Srikakulam (1.16.411), Kadapa (1.03.975), Krishna (98.043) and Vizianagaram (79.078).

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