VIT-AP founds competence center for law

The VIT-AP School of Law (VSL) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Alpha Partners, NCR of Delhi.

University Vice Chancellor SV Kota Reddy said the collaboration would create a center of excellence in cybersecurity and law, as well as several other centers of excellence, to promote research and the practical application of law by the future lawyers.

He said the collaboration would help students improve their skills in corporate law, commercial law, real estate law, transactional services law, regulatory service law, dispute resolution, intellectual property law, labor and labor law, and compliance and regulatory law.

Alpha Partners founder and managing partner Akshat Pandey said that in addition to facilitating internships and internships for students, the partnership would also encourage academic research, capacity building and academic collaborative activities.

Senior Consultant, Alpha Partners Arvind Moorchung, VIT-AP Registrar CLV Sivakumar, Dean, VIT-AP School of Law Benerji Chakka, lecturers and students took part in the virtual event.

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