“Steps underway to resolve the ₹ 1.619 billion paddy acquisition levy.

State releases 500 crore as emergency aid; Center will pay out 1,200 billion on June 21

The state government has paid farmers 1,637 billion yen to purchase rice so far, according to Kona Sasidhar, the commissioner for civilian supplies.

Speaking to the media on Friday, Mr. Sasidhar said the government still had to pay 1,619 billion yen to farmers whose rice was purchased more than 21 days ago.

The amount would be credited directly to farmers’ bank accounts as part of the pre-audit system, he said, adding that the payment would be made as soon as the central government releases the funds.

“The center needs to release ₹ 3.299 billion for rice procurement. It said it will release 1,200 billion yen for the first quarter of the current fiscal year on June 21, ”he said.

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy released 500 crore to make the payments immediately so farmers don’t have to wait for the center to release the amount, Sasidhar said, adding that 300 crore of it had been paid so far.

“Steps are being taken to pay 200 billion yen a day starting Saturday to cover the remaining arrears,” he said.

The commissioner said the government had procured 73,000 tons of rice worth 6,331 billion yen during the last rabble period. This year the goal is to procure 45,000 tons valued at 8,000 billion.

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