Doctors protest for more security


Healthcare professionals only cared for critical patients across Prakasam district on Friday as part of their nationwide protests against escalating attacks on doctors and hospitals.

The situation during the pandemic only got worse when relatives of the patients blamed health professionals for deaths caused by reasons beyond their control, said Veeraiah Chowdhary, president of the IMA urban unit.

All outpatient services were shut down by the health centers on Friday to push their demand for a law through the center to severely punish those who attacked doctors. However, COVID patients were cared for by health professionals.

They noticed that many patients turned to quacks for treatment for the coronavirus and were delayed in visiting hospitals, causing complications, said former president of the IMA Andhra Pradesh unit, R. Jayasekhar. The Union government should abolish goods and services tax (GST) on all equipment used to treat patients.

The Center should note that the developed countries have now become mask-free thanks to the vigorous vaccination campaign in those countries. If necessary, vaccine should be imported from other countries to protect the majority of people who were waiting to get the vaccine, he added.


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