Doctors in Andhra Pradesh wear black badges during protests against violent attacks on doctors


Doctors across the state wore black badges in protest against the alleged attacks on healthcare workers across the country after the Indian Medical Association-AP called on Friday.

In Guntur, IMA President Nanda Kishore said doctors wear black badges and called for the central government to enact law to carry out violent attacks on health care providers. Provisions in the clinical facilities law should also be strengthened to protect doctors and nurses, he said.

He also demanded that the center take action against yoga guru Baba Ramdev for speaking out against allopathic drugs.

“More than 1,500 doctors have died from Covid-19 and 15,000 medical students have died during the pandemic. Despite these personal disasters, doctors of certain groups are hardest hit. That is very regrettable and we demand that the central and state governments take immediate steps. We could have worked, but given the pandemic, we are still working, ”said Dr. Nanda Kishore.

The IMA also spoke out against the new AP guideline on the production of industrial gases and medical oxygen 2021-22 to increase the availability of life-saving gas from 360 t to 700 t, which makes the establishment of oxygen production facilities mandatory for large hospitals.

Dr. Naga Kishore, former president of IMA, said the new policy would force hospitals to allocate $ 1.50 billion in investment to build the facility and $ 1.50 billion in utility bills, so urged the state government who have favourited proposal.


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