Krishna water reaches the state border


Krishna water, which was discharged from Andhra Pradesh on Monday, reached the state border in Uthukottai on Wednesday. This will improve the diminishing storage in the reservoirs that supply Chennai with drinking water.

Initially, about 150 cusec (cubic feet per second) of water reached the entry point of the Kandaleru-Poondi Canal in Uthukottai, Tiruvallur District. Officials from the Department of Water Resources found that the amount of water realized at the state border had risen to 200 Kusec by noon.

On Wednesday, the water drained at Kandaleru Reservoir in Andhra Pradesh was increased to 2,100 cusecs, allowing Chennai to get around 500 cusecs. “We assume that the water supply will be increased gradually so that we receive 500 Cusec. The water will travel another 25 km and reach the Poondi reservoir by Wednesday evening, ”said an official.

The reservoir at Poondi now has only 5% of its total storage capacity of 3,231 million cubic feet (mcft) and the water is diverted to other reservoirs. If 500 cubic meters of water enter by the end of the month, storage capacity is expected to increase by approximately 500 mcft. The department is confident that there cannot be major infiltration losses at this time as sewer lining work has been carried out in some endangered areas. A large part of the amount realized at the entry point can flow into the reservoir.

Andhra Pradesh authorities have promised to resume supplies for the next period from July. This would help maintain the city’s current supply of 845.41 million liters of water per day, officials said.


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