Government has done little on the development front: Somu


BJP State President Somu Veerraju has blamed the state government for “spending large sums of money borrowed from various sources on welfare systems while neglecting development.”

“The YSRCP government is mobilizing funds from the center for its housing and several other projects, and is taking out loans for itself. It failed to provide minimum support prices for various crops, ”Veerraju told the media here on Monday.

He also opposed the increase in property tax and the levying of usage fees for garbage collection by citizen organizations. The BJP will soon organize nationwide protests against the government’s anti-grassroots policies, he announced.

He said that both the TDP and YSR Congress Party governments had failed to control the rice millers who had fled the farmers by various means. On the other hand, middlemen also exploited the farmers.

Mr. Veerraju wanted to know whether selling sand at prices up to 5,000 yen above the “realistic price” would not amount to exploiting people.

The state president BJP said the state government unveiled a number of programs, largely funded by the center, like those it designed and implemented.

Financing through funding gaps

“The state government is unwilling to provide 900 crore to fund the Viable Gap (VGF) for the construction of the proposed Kakinada petrochemical HPCL complex, which costs a whopping 40,000 crore,” he said.


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