Anantapur is building Jagananna houses with 1.11 lakh in 407 floor plans

A coordinated effort by all stakeholders and executive departments is essential for the timely completion of the prestigious government Jagananna Illu program in the district, which has the ambitious goal of building 1,111,099 homes in 407 floor plans in the first phase, Joint Collector said (Housing) T. Nishanthi.

At a review meeting with officials from the executive departments here on Tuesday, she said sand is available on eight routes while infrastructure facilities are at various stages of creation. Approximately ₹ 21 crore was spent on 246 facilities out of 355 in the AHUDA to begin water supply work by the Rural Ministry of Water and ₹ 27.05 crore on building similar facilities at 50 facilities in 12 urban local bodies by the Public Health Department.

Additional amounts required to accommodate the project in all other layouts were also sent to the APSHCL executive director for sanction, she said. The Electricity Department has been asked to power all 189 wells that have been sunk in the facilities within the next 10 days.

At the moment, sand was available in eight sand areas and would be used for this purpose. In the meantime, the DWMA project manager had been asked to create job cards for all residential beneficiaries.

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