The state’s per capita income fell during the YSRCP rule, says Yanamala

TDP Politburo member Yanamala Ramakrishnudu has claimed that Direct Power Transfer (DBT) systems are not benefiting people as claimed by the YSRCP government, adding that per capita income (PCI) during the YSRCP rule has dropped dramatically.

In an address to the media on Monday, he said that up to 16 countries are implementing DBT programs and that the PCI in Andhra Pradesh has fallen dramatically compared to these. “The incomes of more than 97% of households have fallen. Poverty rose to 24% in rural areas and 29% in urban areas. Andhra Pradesh is now fifth in poverty and 14th on the country’s hunger index, ”said Ramakrishunudu.

He said the state was third in sustainable development during the TDP rule. “The YSRCP government needs to explain why other states have outperformed Andhra Pradesh in reducing poverty and meeting development goals despite the COVID-19 pandemic crisis,” the TDP leader said.

Health expenses

Ramakrishnudu said the state spent 1.3% of the GSDP on health in fiscal 2019-20, compared to the 4% recommended by the 15th Finance Commission.

“The YSRCP government claims to have spent 27,710 billion yen on DBT in fiscal year 2019-20. The then TDP government had spent 18,000 billion yen on 17 welfare programs. The incumbent government has abolished all of these programs that have barely benefited the people. There was little correlation between budget allocations and spending on welfare systems as claimed by the government, ”he said.

Mr. Ramakrishnudu also accused the state government of making “empty promises”. “The promises include building 10 lakh houses a year. Do the government and housing authorities have such a capacity? ”He asked.

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