Populist Systems Bankrupt State: BJP

At a high-level meeting, the heads of state and government oppose an increase in property taxes and the monetization of first-class land

A meeting of high-level leaders of the state BJP held here on Sunday decided to fight the proposed increase in property tax and put pressure on the government to resolve the problems farmers face in selling their produce.

After the deliberations, the BJP State Secretary-General and MLC PVN Madhav reached out to the media, saying the meeting took note of the government’s “misanthropic policies” and the need to expand the COVID-19 vaccination drive.

The meeting also decided to hold the deliberations of the State Executive Committee in virtual mode on June 28th.

Madhav said the leaders are critical of the populist plans being implemented by the government at the expense of development.

The “money distribution frenzy” brought the state into bankruptcy, he said. The party objected to various taxes being increased as people staggered under the effects of COVID-19.

He said the meeting also criticized the government’s proposal to monetize prime land in cities.

“The government has completely failed to get rice fields,” he added.

On the political front, the state-run BJP decided not to form an alliance with any other party that was already affiliated with the Jana Sena party.

Those in attendance were Minister of State of Union for Foreign Affairs and BJP State Party Affairs V. Muraleedharan, Vice Chairman Sunil Deodhar, National Organization Secretary Shiv Prakash, National Secretary General D. Purandeswari, National Secretary Y. Satya Kumar, President Somu Veerraju and former President Kanna Lakshminarayana .

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