Government comes to the rescue of the Madakasira family

Proposal for ₹ 10 Lakh to help the children who lost their parents to COVID-19

Penukonda Revenue Divisional Officer (FAC) GR Madhusudhan, who took office on Monday, visited Madakasira and met members of a common family, three of which died of coronavirus infection within three weeks.

B. Umamahesh and his wife Varalakshmi died of COVID while his older brother died of shock after hearing the news of the death.

As if it wasn’t enough, another family member succumbed to the virus after a week. The RDO met its family members after their plight was highlighted in this column.

The RDO said in a statement that the Madakasira Child Development Project Officer had sent an application for a sanction of la10 lakh to the children (aged nine and four) of Umamahesh and Varalakshmi and the amount as a fixed deposit in their names, once government approval is received.

The family received emergency aid of 25,000 yen on Monday.

Essentials provided

The RDO also spoke to the children about their studies. They also received essential foods that were enough for three months, said Madakasira Tahsildar Ananda Rao.

A compensation amount for the 8.6 hectares of land the family acquired for the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Gowdanahalli was processed and paid them 34.8 lakh last year, added Mr Madhusudhan.

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