Government asked to end the school restructuring project

The leaders of the Federation of Andhra Pradesh Teachers’ Organizations (FAPTO) have called for the government to abandon its school restructuring program, as this would further increase the dropout rate among students and reduce the number of teaching posts.

At a press conference, the chairman of the association, GV Narayana Reddy, and the general secretary K. Narahari referred to circular 172 on the government’s proposed “reforms” and urged the authorities to continue the existing school structure.

The heads of state and government said they are not against the proposal to combine preschools with elementary schools and add plus-two education in high schools. But a deviation from the primary school structure in the country, which has existed for 75 years, and fundamental changes could weaken the primary school system, it said.

Merging grades 1 and 2 into Anganwadi centers and naming them Foundation Schools and integrating grades 3, 4 and 5 into the closest high schools was not a practical step, they argued.

Instead of sending their children to a school 3 km away, the parents of grades 3, 4, and 5 students would prefer to send them to private institutions. Federation leaders said these proposals violated the spirit of the Right to Education Act and national education policy.

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