Anantapur publishes annual loan plan


Agricultural spending is set at 10,600 crore from the combined plan of ₹ 17,110 crore

The annual primary sector loan plan, released Thursday by the Anantapur County Council, includes agricultural loan expenditures of 10,600 billion yen from the combined plan of 17,110 billion yen.

District Collector Gandham Chandrudu, NABARD District Manager Usha Madhusudhan and Lead Bank District Manager Mohan Murali officially presented the loan plan on Thursday.

The credit plan provides only 20 billion each for education loans and export credits, while support of 3.250 billion is proposed for the MSME sector.

Of the total primary sector lending of 01,015.010 billion, other allocations include 130 billion for the renewable energy sector, ₹ 67 billion for social infrastructure and ₹ 923 billion for housing. In the non-primary sector lending business, banks will lend $ 2,100 billion.

Of the 10,600 billion lending to the agricultural sector, the lion’s share of 8,747 million is in short-term loans, 1,440 million in long-term agricultural loans, 188 billion in agricultural infrastructure and 217 billion in secondary activities.


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