Withdraw decision to revise property tax method: BJP

Former Visakhapatnam MLA and BJP leader P. Vishnu Kumar Raju called for the state government to immediately withdraw the decision to revise the property tax assessment method, which he believes would be a heavy burden on the people. He said it was very unfortunate that the government made the decision when people were facing problems due to the pandemic.

In a speech to the media here on Saturday, he strongly condemned the proposal to raise property tax based on the market value of the property. He said the government should have considered public opinion before making such a decision. “The fact that the YSR Congress Party gets 151 seats in the state is a misfortune for the people of the state. The BJP will start agitation if the state government does not withdraw its decision, ”he said.

The MLC PVN Madhav party said that the YSRCP government, in the name of implementing welfare systems, had put the state in financial straits. Since he was sworn in as chief minister, Mr. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has not taken any initiative that could generate revenue, he claimed. Mr. Raju and Mr. Madhav criticized the YSRCP for attempting to lease several government buildings in the district. You said Mr. Jagan should rethink before making such a decision.

The BJP will take up programs called “Vizag not for sale” against the decision and will also proceed legally, they added. City President of the BJP, M. Raveendra, and senior officials Suhasini Anand also spoke

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