The women’s commission receives a sponsorship to help pregnant women

National Women’s Commission (NCW) Chair Rekha Sharma commended Andhra Pradesh Mahila Commission Chair Vasireddy Padma and other members for the initiatives they have taken to help pregnant women during the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic .

Ms. Sharma spoke via video link with the chairs of the women’s commission of various states on Thursday, inquiring about the help for women and those in need during the pandemic.

Ms. Padma said the AP Mahila Commission extended a helping hand to pregnant women in the state. Director R. Suez said that the pregnant women who contacted the commission were provided with necessary health facilities and oxygen.

“The Andhra Pradesh Mahila Commission, in cooperation with the police, the women’s development and child protection departments, the Disha police stations, the one-stop centers, the staff of the village and community secretariat, provided assistance to pregnant women who tested positive,” said .Padma.

YSR clinics

The YSR clinics set up by the government in the villages provided the women with the necessary medical assistance. The role of NGOs in this regard is commendable, said Ms. Suez, recognizing the officials and staff from the specialist departments who have worked with the Women’s Commission to help the pregnant women.

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