Rotary club builds crematorium – The Hindu

Kailash Bhoomi, built here by Rotary Club Central, will ensure citizens have a decent final trip, club members said.

The initiative of philanthropist and former city councilor Meka Kasi Visweswarudu and his wife M. Ananta Lakshmi aims to serve a good cause as the closing rites for COVID-19 victims and others are not properly conducted due to a lack of basic infrastructure in the four crematoria here.

The couple’s initial donation of ₹ 25 lakh prompted other Rotary club members and donors to pool ₹ 2 crore to build the Thotapalem crematorium on four acres of land donated by the municipal corporation two years ago.

At a media conference here on Saturday, Kailash Bhoomi president and former club president Gudisha Shivakumar and the club’s elected district governor (3020) Madipilli Ramarao said that the landscaped four platforms, continuous water supply, toilets, lockers, firewood store and gallery in the landscaped area Crematorium available.

Secretary Kailash Bhoomi and club president Poosarla Sunitha said many members had worked hard to get the crematorium ready to ensure proper closing rites according to traditions and customs for COVID-19 victims and others.

In attendance were Club Secretary Ajay Mohta, Former President P. Jayakrishna, Members KRK Raju and R. Sankar Reddy.

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