Dairy cooperative offers incentives for members

Shreeja Mahila Milk Producer Company, a wholly women-run cooperative milk unit based in Tirupati, has announced that it will be distributing 5.18 billion yen as a loyalty incentive to its eligible members despite the financial crisis caused by the COVID-19 situation.

The company’s chairman Jayatheertha Chary revealed the details of the board’s resolutions, saying members who had delivered milk and 500 liters for at least 200 days in the past fiscal year would become 4.02 billion per member (totaling ₹ 1.16 crore) paid to those who have delivered milk for at least 300 days.

Founded in 2014 with the support of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), the company has grown to become the largest women-run milk producer, collecting 4.50 lakh liters of milk a day in the Chittoor, Anantapur, Kadapa and Nellore districts.

“When all other sectors remained affected during the pandemic, we deposited money directly into our female members’ bank accounts every 14 days, testifying to our policy of transparency and women’s empowerment,” added Chary. Last year, the company launched value-added products such as lassi, paneer, yoghurt, sweet quark and flavored milk under the “Shreeja” brand.

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