Will strive to take justice to higher heights: Justice Ramana

The Chief Justice of India Justice NV Ramana has said that he will do his best to uphold the sanctity of justice and take it to greater heights.

Judge Ramana, who is currently visiting the mountain temple on a two-day visit, said Friday that with the blessing of Lord Venkateswara he could reach the top position in the judiciary. “I have seen several captivating incidents in my life, and only with the grace of the presiding deity am I today,” he said.

Before that, when he arrived at the main temple complex, the TTD chairman YV Subba Reddy, the executive officer KS Jawahar Reddy and the temple priests received him with the traditional ‘Isti kapal’ temple honors and led him to the Holy of Holies, where he stood for about 10 minutes and paid his obeisances. The high priest honored him with the silk vastra of the deity.

Later, at the Ranganayakula Mandapam inside the temple, the experts showered him and his wife Shivamala with vedasirvachanams while the authorities presented them with theertham, souvenirs and laddu prasadam.

It is a tradition to pay temple honors to the Chief Justice of India during his first visit to the mountain temple. Although Judge Ramana had attended Ekantha seva the night before, the honors were not given because he had reached the temple after sunset.

After darshan he broke coconuts in Akhilandam and prayed Bedi Anjaneya Swamy. Judge Ramana later said prayers with his family members at Padmavathi Temple in Tiruchanur. On arrival he was greeted with ‘Purnakumbham’ and officially shown in. After the prayers he was blessed with Vedic chants “Vedaseervachanam”.

Meanwhile, an ISKCON team, led by their secretary Leelaparayana Das, met with Judge Ramana and presented him with a Telugu version of the ‘Bhagavad Gita’ brought out by their publication wing.

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