Government fines Sai Sudha Hospital 75 lakh, accounting officials

The investigation into alleged medical negligence begins, medical records are confiscated.

East Godavari Joint Collector Ch. Kirthi on Friday fined Kakinada-based Sai Sudha Hospital Management for cheating on a COVID-19 patient by demanding the 14 lakh treatment fee. The patient, O.Satyanarayana, 53, was pronounced dead in hospital on May 20.

In response to a complaint from the victim’s family, Ms. Kirthi investigated the matter on Friday in the presence of Sai Sudha Hospital’s executive director, Dr. Vadrevu Ravi, and the petitioner. Dr. Vadrevu Ravi is President of the Indian Medical Association (IMA-Kakinada).

Speak with The Hindusaid Ms. Kirthi; “Sai Sudha hospital management was fined 75 lakh for violating the COVID-19 treatment policy. It was also ordered to return 11 lakh to the victim’s family.”

In addition, DMHO has announced that the hospital would be seized if further violations were discovered in the investigations carried out simultaneously by the state government and the police.


In a separate complaint filed by the victim’s family, Kakinada City police have filed cases against Dr. Vadrevu Ravi and Sai Sudha’s hospital manager Mr. Kalam, registered under IPC Sections 188, 420 and 384, the Epidemic Act and Disaster Management Acts.

III-Town Circle Inspector SRKoteswara Rao said The Hindu: “The medical records of the deceased O.Satyanarayana were confiscated from the hospital and sent to the health department to investigate the alleged medical negligence.”

Mr. Koteswara Rao added that the hospital authorities did not issue any bills to the patient. Police have stepped up investigations into alleged violations of the Sai Sudha Hospital’s COVID-19 treatment and fee guidelines.

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