Tribesmen carry pregnant women in “Doli” for 10 km


The lack of Pucca roads to the remote tribal villages of the Visakhapatnam district continues to be a major problem for the tribal population who have to carry pregnant women in “Dolis” over long distances to reach the next road point, which is by ambulance.

Sidari Chilakamma, 26, from Kinneralova village went into labor on June 9th. Since there is no real road to her village, she had to be carried in a makeshift “Doli” to the Teegalavalasa road point 10 km away. Kinneralova is a PVTG (Particularly Endangered Tribal Group) village of Teegalavalasa panchayat in the Hukumpeta Mandal.

The villagers submitted a memorandum to the ITDA project officer in Paderu on Thursday in which they called for the construction of a Pucca road from Teegalavalsa Junction to Kinneralova for sick and pregnant women who have to be transported to “Dolis” in emergencies.

CPI (M) State Committee Member Killo Surendra, Tadigiri Panchayat Deputy Sarpanch Killo Rama Rao and Teegalavalasa Girijana Sangham Leader P. Somanna were present.


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