The Tobacco Committee calls for the establishment of a shopping center in the East Godavari district

The MP from Rajamahendravaram, Margani Bharat, appealed to the Guntur Tobacco Committee on Wednesday to build a shopping center in Torredu in the East Godavari district in order to ensure affordable prices for producers in addition to minimizing transport costs.

Annual tobacco production is estimated at over 2.2 million kilograms and is grown by nearly 600 growers in the Torredu region.

However, production had declined in recent years after the Tobacco Authority closed the shutters of their Torredu office. The tobacco farmers met Mr. Bharat on Wednesday during the Racha Banda (Complaint Cell) held here.

Regarding the interaction with the Tobacco Board, Guntur, Executive Director Addanki Sridhar Babu, said Mr. Bharat: “The Tobacco Board has basically agreed to set up the shopping center in Torredu. Board authorities also promised a good price as farmers prepare to sell their produce at Devarapalli in West Godavari District. “

The producers from the Torredu region are now selling the products at Devarapalli in the West Godavari district, which is almost 30 km from their fields, and complaining of high transport costs.

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