Smooth-headed otter spotted on Godavari Island

An island in Godavari, upstream of Dowleswaram Dam in East Godavari district, has become a safe habitat for endangered Indian smooth-coat otters (Lutrogale perspicillata).

Last week, Suresh Kumar Uppuluri, an amateur wildlife photographer from the city of Rajamahendravaram, began documenting otters’ movements on the island.

“I documented a group of four otters on the island that can only be reached by boat. The otters are a playful bunch and hide in the bushes when they feel the boat moving, ”said Suresh Kumar.

“Last week I was able to take photos of the four apparently young otters. The island, which is at least a kilometer upstream from Dowleswaram Dam, is always calm and there is no movement from outsiders, ”added Suresh Kumar.

Following tips from local fishermen, the 40-year-old Lensman managed to spot the otters and began documenting them.

“The otters’ movements are more frequent in the river water in the morning than in the rest of the day,” he said. Numerous black buck have been sighted in the islands’ downstream Dowleswaram Dam in recent years.


In the East Godavari district, the Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary (KWS) is a habitat for the Indian smooth-coat otter. The sighting of otters in the Dowleswaram area is a reason to celebrate for the wildlife photographers and the forestry department, who have extensive experience in protecting otters in KWS.

In Andhra Pradesh, the Krishna and Godavari Estuaries are the main otter habitats that have been sighted and documented by the Forest Department’s Wildlife Wing.

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