Mandatory to complete Polavaram R&R in the center: political parties

The Secretary of State of the Communist Party of India (CPI) K. Ramakrishna, AP Congress President Sake Sailajanath and other high-ranking left party leaders decided on Thursday to come together to put pressure on the central government to stop the relocation and rehabilitation (R&R) of almost a lakh displaced families from the affected area of ​​the Polavaram irrigation project.

A virtual meeting was organized on this topic, moderated by the CPI. “The responsibility for completing the R&R exercise rests with the center under the AP Reorganization Act of 2014. The center cannot now deny its responsibility,” said Ramakrishna.

He also said that given the current financial condition, it would be unwise to give hope to the state government to complete the R&R exercise.

“Pressure can be put on the center to increase funding for the R&R package only with the support of all political parties in the state. The state government should also be ready to convince the center of the financial support of the F&R package, ”said Ramakrishna.

In his address, Mr. Sailajanath stated that the government of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy had failed to convince the center of the financial components of the Polavaram irrigation project. He added that Congress was ready to join all parties to fight for the R&R issues.

It was decided to make the field visits to the affected areas of the Polavaram irrigation project to inspect the relocation and rehabilitation exercise by the end of June.

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