International Level Crossing Awareness Day observed


South Central Railway (SCR) officials celebrated International Level Crossing Awareness Day on Thursday. They ran public awareness programs at the level crossing gates.

On that occasion, railway officials said authorities had started the operation to gradually remove the manned level crossings through the provision of Limited Elevation Metro (LHS), Road Bridges (ROBs) and Road Underbridges (RUBs) in the zone.

Up to 81 manned level crossings have been eliminated through the construction of LHS, ROB and RUB in cooperation with state governments, and steps are being taken to remove the remaining level crossings, the railway authorities said.

The general director of the South Central Railway, Gajanan Mallya, appealed to road users to practice safety measures at the level crossings. He told the drivers to stop, look in both directions of the level crossing (railroad barriers) and only then cross the barriers.

“Vehicle drivers should watch the alarm, signal light and warning signs at the gates to avoid mishaps,” said Mallya.

Officials and staff at the gates organized awareness programs for the public at various level crossings in the zone on Thursday as part of the “International Level Crossing Day”.

“Most accidents are caused by human negligence at level crossings. We appeal to road users not to cross the tracks when the barrier is closed and to watch when they approach the level crossing before they pass the barrier, “said an official.


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