APPSA requests cancellation of SSC exams

The Andhra Pradesh Private School Association (APPSA) has called on Education Minister A. Suresh to reconsider the decision to hold SSC exams in the state.

In a letter to the Minister of Education on Wednesday, APPSA state chairman KSN Murthy said schools had been given permission to conduct online classes from August 2020.

‘Curriculum not completed’

“However, many students could not use them because they did not have the opportunity to follow the lesson. Classes lasted no more than 127 days. During this time, too, there were half-day schools on some days. For fear of being infected with the coronavirus and other reasons, only 60 to 65% of the students attended classes. Even when 5 to 10% of the curriculum was cut, even that couldn’t be completed, ”Murthy said.

Later, despite attempting online courses, students were unable to focus on studying because their family members were infected with the virus. SSC and intermediate exams have been canceled in many states, including neighboring Telangana, he pointed out.

Mr Murthy requested that the grades be awarded based on the grades obtained in the FA1 and FA2 exams and that the students be promoted. He appealed to the minister to do justice to SSC students by canceling their exams. Alternatively, after schools are functioning normally, a month should be allowed to conduct classes and then exams should be held, he added.

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