Legal protection organization submits complaint to the Ministry of Interior against additional DGP (CID) PV Sunil Kumar. a

Vinay Joshi complained that Sunil Kumar had abused his official position by running a private organization called ‘Ambedkar’s India Mission’ and provoking the planned castes against the Hindu religion, Hindu gods and Hindu scriptures

The chairman of the Legal Rights Observatory (LRO – Maharashtra) Vinay Joshi filed a complaint with Ajay Kumar Bhalla, the secretary of the Union’s Ministry of Interior, against PV Sunil Kumar, the additional director general of the police (CID) for violating Section 3 of the police a Restriction of Rights Act of 1966 and Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules of 1964.

Mr Joshi said in the complaint that Mr Sunil Kumar abused his official position by running a private organization called ‘Ambedkar’s India Mission’, thereby promoting himself as a celebrity and making the proposed castes against the Hindu religion, Hindu gods and saints Hindu scriptures provoked.

Mr. Joshi further alleged that Mr. Sunil Kumar openly criticized certain political ideologies and thereby formed political opinions among the people and that Dr. BR misquoted Ambedkar’s views on the Hindu religion and portrayed him as anti-Hindu.

The LRO accused Sunil Kumar of promoting separatist ideology among the registered castes, creating caste-based divisions in society, and making allegations against nationalist organizations such as Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

Mr. Joshi requested Mr. Bhalla to instruct the Andhra Pradesh Police Department to establish an FIR against Mr. Sunil Kumar under Sections 153-A and 295-A of India’s Criminal Code, Information Technology Act and Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967 of hostility between religions, abuse of social media platforms and conducting suspicious activities under the banner of Ambedkar’s India Mission.

Also, Mr. Joshi requested a detailed investigation into the finances of Mr. Sunil Kumar, his connections to national and international donors and sponsors of the activities of Ambedkar’s India Mission which allegedly facilitated his anti-social activities, and a freeze on all of his bank accounts / any other form of money transfer .

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